3.  Policy Monitoring and Communication

Policy monitoring and communication is an effort to assess how policies are formulated, enacted and implemented. The HLPC seek to track policy outcomes, challenges, barriers and unintended consequences in policy implementation. HLPC systematically collects, analyse and communicate data related to the process and outcomes of policy development and implementation. Policy monitoring includes tracking legislation, regulatory and policy documents through development, implementation and evaluation phases. The impact of policy on key populations is a critical narrative for our monitoring and communication. Monitoring delivery of health services at both primary and tertiary levels of the health system is important for protecting health rights and values of equity, quality and accountability. Monitoring efforts help to generate evidence for health policy advocacy. HLPC communicates findings of policy monitoring through a number of channels and mediums like radio, publications, social media and audio-visual mechanisms. Findings are shared with relevant stakeholders.
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The HLPC is a health policy advocacy  organisation working with a  network of health law and policy experts - scientists, social scientists, medical practitioners, economists, legal practitioners, and public health experts working in and involved in the health care policy sector. The HLPC exist to facilitate a rights-based policy formulation, implementation and monitoring in Zimbabwe’s public health system. The HLPC seeks to work for the meaningful enjoyment of the right to health care (including reproductive health).

We work with  LGBTIQ groups, Sex workers and regional and international partners. We have a formal partnership with:

African Jurists and Judges Forum
Students and Youth Working on Reproductive Health Action Team

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