2. Research and Public Education

2.1  Annual Health Policy Roundtable
An annual symposium inviting stakeholders to debate, discuss and agree on policy reform advocacy
agenda to promote the right to health including access to justice in health care. Papers presented will
be published annually in an edited book and presenters are encouraged to summarize their papers
into Opinion Articles published on the website. Each roundtable will have a main thematic issue for
that year.

2.2  Information, Education and Communication (IEC) 
Production of IEC materials on health law and policy include a website, infor-graphics, pamphlets,
manuals for training key populations and policy advisory notes on key health issues. Materials for low
literacy communities and hard to reach communities on health policy will be produced, translated
and distributed.

2.3  Research Associateship and Research Fellowship Program
a)  Research Associateship- Expert Reference Group
These are non-remunerated Associateship targeted at researchers wanting to be involved in the
consortium’s work through being associated with the Consortium whilst they are working on
research projects. Lawyers, policy experts and advocates can apply for this associateship and be part
of an Expert Reference Group and participate as volunteer researchers.

b)  Research Fellowships
These are granted to researchers working directly on HLPC research projects. These are tenable for
one year and extended to 2 years, maximum. Where resources available the research is funded by
the HLPC with expected output such as working papers, book chapters, monographs, research
reports, policy briefs or journal papers. Fellows from national and international universities fall under
this category. Formal and informal arrangements with international universities and organisations
allows researchers to come to Zimbabwe as volunteers to undertake policy research and produce
papers and publications as part of an exchange programme.
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The HLPC is a health policy advocacy  organisation working with a  network of health law and policy experts - scientists, social scientists, medical practitioners, economists, legal practitioners, and public health experts working in and involved in the health care policy sector. The HLPC exist to facilitate a rights-based policy formulation, implementation and monitoring in Zimbabwe’s public health system. The HLPC seeks to work for the meaningful enjoyment of the right to health care (including reproductive health).

We work with  LGBTIQ groups, Sex workers and regional and international partners. We have a formal partnership with:

African Jurists and Judges Forum
Students and Youth Working on Reproductive Health Action Team

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